January 1, 2018

Around the world - on tour with a sales partner

Monday morning, 8:15 am, in a completely new world - if you have never been there before, that is. A world buzzing with people in (sometimes) narrow streets, flashy advertising banners everywhere, and a language you don't understand .... and rice paddies.

This is the first impression of one of our colleagues, metaphorically speaking.

The palette of impressions ranges from professional circumstances to cultural and social aspects and differences of a country that seems foreign but friendly. What was particularly special for our traveling colleagues was, in the era of emails, facebook etc., to meet business partners in real life. To witness what daily business looks like in another country and what challenges need to be faced there (i.e. Discussing project ideas, documenting your experience on a strange keyboard consisting of signs instead of letters, etc.).

After an intense and fully-packed work week, our colleague took some time off to experience the people and their lives. What he noticed was not just the high population density, but also the colorful, bustling way of life of these helpful and friendly people - which very much made up for the occasional gecko visiting his hotel room.

Back home to process this new experience on the computer. Answering questions of curious colleagues and supervisors, reporting successes and continuing to fiddle about the project with our customers - this is how versatile and exciting a job in sales at AICHELIN can be.

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