January 1, 2017

Discover AICHELIN China again

“All roads lead to Rome.” - This proverb doesn’t seem to apply to AICHELIN employees. Many of our roads take us to China, to our subsidiary company AICHELIN Heat Treatment Systems Beijing - which is how one of our colleagues from After Sales Service got to discover Beijing and other parts of the country.

Mr K. went on the plane, this time to travel to the land of the sun during winter time. Anyone can travel when the weather is nice - but Mr K. isn’t anyone.

His assignment was to explore synergies and potential in the field of After Sales. His trip took almost an entire month. A month, during which he not only met our colleagues and partners, but he also gained numerous insights that he is now sharing with us.

A few snippets from his travel diary:

  • The Chinese are very hospitable people - which shows, for instance, in how they always let you go first ... Which can be tricky when you don’t know the way - like me, during my first couple days :-)
  • Everything here is just a bit larger - even the city center itself is its own district. It’s best to use public transport or take a cab ... otherwise it takes quite a while to get from A to B.
  • Driving a car is quite the challenge! When you rent a car, it always comes with a driver. Automatic transmission cars are not everyone’s cup of tea.- note to self: Do yourself a favor and don’t ride a car on a full tummy! :-)
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, one should mainly consume warm meals and beverages. The warm beer, however, takes some getting used to.
  • Facebook and co. is mostly censored in China, which is why “Whatsapp” and “WeChat” are used a lot. And it explains why “Never without my phone” is the motto of the tech-savvy Chinese.
  • 1300 km in five hours - only with the High-Speed Train between Beijing and Shanghai! Despite the enthusiasm for technology, there are also many contrasting things to see, such as cold-proof electric bicycles and sheet-metal huts. Like in every other country, the opposites are often found in close proximity to each other.
  • Every single - and I really mean EVERY single one of the power sockets is crooked
  • “Yes!”, is a very popular response - no matter the question :-)
It must be noted here that our adventurous Mr K. has returned home safely and was full of praise for our hospitable and welcoming colleagues - he is even planning his next trip already. Once an adventurer, always an adventurer it seems.In 2017, we will be able to show our own hospitality here in Mödling, when a colleague from China will come visit our offices. And surely, she will be just as puzzled about some things as our Mr K. How great it is that cultures can be so diverse - we are excited to see how it goes :-)
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