January 1, 2018

First steps at AICHELIN

New faces, new names, a new environment and those initial insecurities. “Where is my desk?”, “Who are my colleagues and who does what around here?”, “How does the coffee machine work?” This and much more is what the new employees who have joined the team at AICHELIN in the previous months, have asked themselves.

To preclude these initial uncertainties and to prepare our new colleagues as best as possible for their new jobs, we have come up with a few ideas. Every new employee participates in an introductory program.

Sounds a bit intimidating? It's actually proven to be extremely helpful to learn how to find your way around. Let us introduce you to this ominous introductory program.

Before you even start your first day, internal preparations run at full blast - your account is set up in the system, a computer and other work equipment is assigned to you, and an initial training plan is drafted. Your department chooses a mentor - basically someone to help you navigate through your first months. This mentor will brief you as a new colleague about our systems and the company’s operational procedures, and he or she will work with you on latest issues and projects. 

On your first day as a member of AICHELIN, you will get a tour of the company and you will get to know the other employees. While so far, no one has managed to remember all the names right away, this will help you get an overview of which department is on which floor and where the office supplies closet, the fruit stand or the cafeteria are. Now, you have crossed the first hurdle.Over the next few weeks and months, aside from the supervision and support from your mentor, you will have regular meetings with supervisors and with HR to make sure that as the newest member of the AICHELIN family, you have everything you need for a great start.

We have asked our new colleague in the marketing department, Ms. H., what her first couple of months at AICHELIN were like.

It’s been a few weeks since your first day at AICHELIN. What do you remember from your first day?

During the first tour of the office, I was introduced to my new colleagues and I saw different departments - way too many names and faces to remember everyone right away - I guess it will take a while ... To get to know the company better, I received a short overview of the company structure of the AICHELIN Group and the different subsidiaries and their products. I received a very warm welcome and have felt at home from day one.

What were your first couple of weeks like?

I got to know many new people and in-house procedures. After a short initial training by my colleagues, I was already right in the midst of my new job. The run-up to the Christmas holidays left its mark on AICHELIN as well; Christmas cards were printed and sent out, so a number of invitations, learning how to use the printer, and the Christmas party were on the agenda - a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues.

What helped you get settled at AICHELIN and to find your way around?

The corporate information is handy for referencing, but communication with coworkers is useful too. Colleagues have helped me to get settled in my new job. Quite often, it’s also just learning by doing, as many questions only arise directly on the job. This is when colleagues can offer great advice and assistance.

In hindsight, what do you remember about the application process?

I had a really nice and informal first interview with two ladies from human resources. A couple of days after that, during the second round of interviews with the competent department, my future responsibilities were explained to me and I learned more details. I was even asked whether this marketing job (very technical and a surplus of men) sounded like the right fit for ME.These are questions that I had rarely encountered during job interviews before and I think they say a lot about the company. A thirty-minute tour of the manufacturing facility with the head of market communication completed my great overall impression.A few days later, I was noticed that I had the job and only two weeks after that, I started my first day.

Are your new responsibilities and your work environment in line with your first impression and with how you imagined it to be?

During my interviews, I received a very accurate outline of what my responsibilities would be - so there were no nasty surprises. The wide range of tasks was no understatement either - which is great, because variety is the spice of life and it is what keeps a job interesting.

What are you currently working on?

There’s always a lot do to in market communication. We are currently working on different projects such as the redesign of the printed forms, a video production, the online banner, the website, the launch of our laboratory furnaces, the creation of brochures and roll-ups, etc.

What piece of advice do you have for new colleagues just starting out?

I would advise them to approach their colleagues with an open mind and just work up the courage to ask whenever something is unclear. The doors are always open and everyone is incredibly helpful. We hope that we were able to offer an insight into what you can expect during those first few months with us and we would like to wish you

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