February 4, 2021

70th AICHELIN Seminar "Basics of Heat Treatment

Web Conference from 22 -25 March 2021

From Monday, March 22 afternoon to Thursday March 25, 2021, AICHELIN will be holding its proven heat treatment seminar, which is well known in the industry - then for the 70th time and for the first time as a virtual event. For this purpose, the program has been streamlined and divided into more easily digestible portions.

Since 1972, more than 1,800 participants have already taken advantage of this event to consolidate and expand their knowledge on all aspects of heat treatment. Thus, AICHELIN is also a pioneer here and a model for many imitators in the meantime.

The webinar will be held in german language.

Contents are divided into a total of 7 half-day blocks:

  • Fundamentals of materials science and process engineering 
  • High-performance quenchants and thermochemical treatment processes 
  • Basics of plant engineering  Possible errors during charging and their avoidance  
  • Savings potentials in burner systems  
  • Induction hardening - fixture hardening  
  • Dimensional and shape changes during heat treatment  
  • Digital products - the way to e-service 
  • Safety on thermoprocessing equipment

Target group

  • Managers and planners in companies who use heat treatment equipment and want to refresh their knowledge   
  • Heads of department and foremen in hardening shops who want to better understand the basics or refresh existing knowledge
  • Furnace operators who are interested in the basics

You can look forward to the following lecturers:

Michael Bergmeir - EMA Indutec 
Rainer Braun - Burgdorf   
Dr. Klaus Buchner - Aichelin   
Michael Leitgeb - Aichelin   
Dirk Mäder - Noxmat   
Dr. Roman Ritzenhoff - Friedr.Lohmann   
FH-Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider - FH Oberösterreich   
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansjürg Stiele - Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen
Günther Unger - Aichelin

Attend the 70th Aichelin Seminar "Heat Treatment" in the comfort of your office or from your home office and use the acquired knowledge to stay competitive in the long run!

For participation we charge a cost contribution of €490.- + VAT per participant - there is no cheaper way to acquire this extensive basic knowledge.

Register today in our training center or with Harald Berger at harald.berger@aichelin.com or +43 2236 236 46 210.

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