How can I apply for a job at AICHELIN GesmbH in Mödling?
We prefer applications via e-mail to [email protected]

Are the vacancies listed on the website always up to date and are all positions always published?
Usually, all openings are published on our website and are updated regularly. Once we have filled the position, we will remove the post from our website.

What do I do if I am interested in more than one position and would like to apply for multiple openings?
Send us your application documents and indicate which positions you are interested in.

Can I also apply for positions that are not currently vacant?
We are happy to accept your unsolicited application and hold on to it; we will contact you as soon as a position opens up that is in line with your experience and qualifications.

What is the application process at AICHELIN like?
We will carefully check your application by comparing our job profile with the experience and qualifications of all applicants. Applicants who meet the requirements are invited to job interviews with the relevant technical and personnel department. In addition, we offer a date for a tryout so that applicants can get a more detailed overview of the job. Upon your request, you will always be informed about the status of your application.

Which collective labor agreement is applied at AICHELIN?
We are subject to the collective agreement of the machine and metal goods industry. Weekly working hours amount to 38.5 hours.

Do you offer internships? How many spots are there
We do offer summer internships, mainly in the areas of mechanic and electrical construction. Depending on the available resources, we decide each year whether we are able to offer internships and the appropriate supervision for them. We offer professional traineeships and internships within retraining measures and diploma theses if those internships or topics fall within our areas of competence.

Do you offer apprenticeships?
At the moment, we do not offer any apprenticeships.