Modernization & Modifications


We offer modification and modernization concepts for the technical and economic optimization of your plants. For this, we rely on innovative components and developments as well as on the experience and expertise of our specialists.

Our services include:

  • Burner modernization as well as modifications and repairs
  • Modernization of process control (i.e. Auto-tuning thermostats, replacement of gas analyzers with oxygens or lambda sensors)
  • Modernization of plant control systems (i.e. SPS retrofitting from S5 to S7, electronic batch tracking, fault locators, visualizations)
  • Automated cauterization (burning of soot sediment and reconditioning of the furnace atmosphere)
  • FOCOS (batch-related documentation of the heat treatment processes, parts and recipe management with automated changeover of the plant)
  • Refractory lining
  • Performance enhancement of your thermal processing plant
  • System relocation
  • Conversion to EN746 conformity and CE conformity declarations