Conveyor Belt Furnace T

Mesh Belt Furnace T

The furnace type T is developed for continuous heat treatment of large and small series in continuous operation. It can be optimally integrated into the series production process. High precision and reproducibility of the results allow metallurgical and mechanical properties to be achieved for a wide range of parts.

The systems can be electrically or gas-heated. Type T furnaces are suitable for protective gas heat treatment of serial metal parts which are subject to high quality requirements.

The T series is available in three basic types:

  1. T: Plant with muffle for better protective gas guiding
  2. TC: Plant without muffle
  3. TCR: Plant without muffle with roller-supported belt



  • Hardening by oil, water and polymer quenching
  • Case-hardening
  • Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Bainite and martensite hardening by salt quenching
  • Nitrocarburizing using the Safed OXYCAD® process



  • Mass produced parts for the automotive industry
  • Screws and other fastening elements
  • Roller bearing parts
  • Fine-blanking and deep-drawing parts
  • Components for drive chains
  • Tools such as saw blades, drills or screwdrivers
  • Any kind of small parts


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